Hon’ble Prime Minister of India,

Greetings from Green Youth Generation (An International Youth-Led NGO)!

As the President of the Green Youth Generation, I’m writing this open letter to the Prime Minister of India to request to end black education from our country, India. In this letter, I’m sharing my experience with the JK Lakshmipat University (Jaipur, Rajasthan, India) as examples to support my request.

Mr. Prime Minister, ‘Happy Childrens Day’ but this child is NOT happy, I was born in a remote village of the country where electricity, quality education, transportation, and access to resources were a dream. I studied in St. Joseph’s School which was 8 KMs away from the home and then shifted to hundreds of KMs away from home during high school and thousands of KMs for college. And since then, I trying to study hard and make a difference in the World.

During my school life, I founded an organization with a vision of bringing youth in the heart of development and dedicated my life to build this organization as a platform for young people so that they could enhance their skills and inspire them to contribute in making social positive changes in the society.  This child started learning computer technology so that he could make his dreams, a reality.

Within six months(2011),  I was selected as Regional Ambassador to India at TUNZA Eco-Generation which is a platform by UNEP and SAMSUNG Engineering. Later invited to speak and raise my voices to several Youth Conferences by United Nations and other organizations. I was also, represented Indian Youth at UNFPA Global Youth Forum (2012), Indonesia as International Youth Representative of India.

As soon as I get into the University, I found my dreams are being crushed in a very strange manner. Assignments, notes, lectures, practicals, projects and exams were mistaken by students and faculties, but, I did not . Students are forced to complete all these formalities no matter they copied their assignments, notes or submit downloaded projects and remember notes just to pass in the examinations. I gave my 100% to understand and invent technologies for young people. Also, developed Advance Mentoring System, Student Achievement Tracker and other projects but ‘on my own’. The point of saying ‘on my own’ because none of the faculties ever came up to understand, support, guide and help me in any of my projects. I was facing difficulties in understanding concepts and programming languages to write codes and develop what I wanted to develop but got no help from any faculties.

Many times, I was criticized by the faculties for working on my software company and the youth NGO in the classroom and in their cabins. But, I didn’t lose hope because somewhere I was strong because I knew the pain of being a village child and an orphan.

I came up with two things –

  1. Am I paying fees for nothing?
  2. Why am I failing to develop innovative projects?

I didn’t found any answer but didn’t give up. Last year (in 2015), I applied for Oxford Summer Course and got selected. But a very strange accident happened which failed me attend Oxford Summer Course. Just before going to Oxford Summer Course (July 2016), I was invited in a birthday party, and I found myself in my flat in the night and these friends said, “You met a bike accident”. I was shocked, went to Vadodara (Gujarat) for plastic surgery of my leg where I found that I was given Benzodiazepine drug (Benzodiazepines have also been used as a “date rape” drug because they can markedly impair and even abolish functions that normally allow a person to resist or even want to resist sexual aggression or assault). This broke me, and I wrote withdrawal letters from the University which are not been responded by the University. (I explained this accident with evidence here: Click here).

I found that JK Lakshmipat University published my Oxford achievement in their magazine and got large numbers of admission ever in Computer Science. They pretended to the World that it’s their contribution in my Oxford achievement which is wrong, they never helped me. I got, no support and help from the University to attend Oxford, no help for medical treatment, no help for understanding Computer Science, no help for anything from the Unversity. The fees I paid became black money for black education. I got nothing, whatever I learned, I studied from MOOCs and free lectures available online on Youtube and other websites.

You’ll amazed to know that you’re this letter on a platform developed by me, selected for top 85 projects of the world by World Summit Youth Award in 2014 and every story on this platform are real stories of young people from around the World. And now, we’re validated and verified by OnGood which was created by the Public Interest Registry (PIR), which is a non-profit organisation formed by the Internet Society (ISOC). OnGood is a community of verified non-governmental organisations that have chosen to use the exclusive .ngo domain. OnGood helps NGOs Be Found by supporters and peers, Be Credible both locally and globally, and Raise Support to further their causes. And now, Green Youth Generation has www.gyg.ngo for its main website, www.magazine.ngo for Magazine of Youth, www.isl.ngo for International School of Leadership, www.research.ngo for Research publications and www.innovations.ngo for developing Innovative projects, and all these platforms are dedicated to youth, Worldwide. Some platforms are launched and others will be launched soon.

Mr. Prime Minister, somewhere there’s a fault in our education system, and colleges/universities and their faculties who are not doing their job that could help the child to realize their dreams, big dreams. So, I’m requesting you to please end this black education. I would be very thankful to you.

Warm Regards,


Balraj Arpit

Founder & President
Green Youth Generation


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