Asia Pacific Youth Forum-2013 was an incredible conference of my life which learnt me for change. Change in the aspects of youth thinking’s. It was organized by International Centre of Integrated Mountainous Development (ICIMOD) at Kathmandu, Nepal. The program started with welcome speech of Ms Anja Møller Rasmussen, Senior Manager, ICIMOD and official opening started from that moment. There was pouring of ideas from different peoples of different ideas.  There were presence of variety of speakers from governmental, intergovernmental, business man and also model of Nepal. This arrangement was quite impressive to me and other participants also. The idle of the program was Mr. Tek Jung Mahat providing different kinds of knowledge. We have many field visits also which are as visit to Godawari Knowledge park(ICIMOD), FOST(Forum Of Sustainable Technologies), WEPCO(Women Environment Preservation Committee), where we learnt different kinds  of technologies and studied the major things  that can achieve my goal for sustainable agriculture which was milestone for my life. There were cooperative persons among the participants and nice game sessions too. The main outcome of the Asia Pacific Youth Forum-2013 that we made a declaration draft  for Post 2015 Development Agenda in mountainous issues from the representation of Youths from the 15 Asian  countries (Hindu Kush Himalayan Region, outside HKH).Country representative designed in this manner were as Nepal(17(16 from valley and 1 outside valley),India(4), Pakistan(2), Bhutan(3), Bangladesh(4), Afghanistan(1), Kyrgyzstan(1), Vietnam(1),Cambodia(1), Myanmar(1),China(1), Indonesia(1),Malaysia(1), Singapore(1),Srilanka(1).  Final speech was from director general Dr. David James Molden “Who says Youths are the Future of world, you are the Present of the world”.