Author: Ravi Kiran

Man with a mission to make a better world.

Have you ever realized how the area nearby you has transformed in these ten-fifteen years? Can you still see the open space around your house, where you performed your childhood chores? Is there the public tap (usually the stone tap) which fetched much of the water demand of your family? Is the river where you used to play as a child, on the same stage? And, what about the forest nearby your locality; has it been dense or sparse these days?? These are few queries that are enough to reveal the present environmental status of the area we live....

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Meet the man behind the church cleanup in Ghana

We are in the fortunate tide of time, where every day at some part of the world volunteers buzz in, to clean up their surroundings.  Lake restoration, E-waste collection, shoreline clean-up are trends of the day. It’s positive that such services are no more looked down as weird or any uncommon phenomenon. Even if you start to single handed, you will end up surrounded by a group of people helping you in rag picking and cleaning the garbage. Without any expectation from the ruling or opposing party, people have started seeing the environment as their responsibility. One such successful...

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