Green Youth Generation is an international Youth-Led NGO working in the field of Human Resource Development, Youth Affairs & Sports, Health & Family Welfare, Agriculture & Allied Industries Development, Environment & Forests, Rural Development, Science & Technology and Communication & IT since 2011 and recognized by several national and international esteemed organizations like United Nations, Centre for Environment Education, World Summit Youth Awards, etc.

25th April, 2015, Darkest day in Nepal history, several back to back Tremors had taken Nepal and whole world by shock. Thousands of Death, thousands of Causality and Millions of victims. They need Immediate help in order to survive.

The Green Quiz is a national fund-raising event for the Hamro Nepal Initiative which aims to organize quiz competition throughout the country.  Hamro Nepal is an international initiative of Green Youth Generation for providing relief to NepalQuake victims.

To apply for Quiz Organizer, visit: