Magazine of Youth: Chanakya Karra, you’re involved with several NGOs and you’re very active in social activities. What’s your story and what inspire you?

Chanakya Karra: During my childhood, I was an introvert and hence always didn’t take the step even when I wanted to act. I was desperate to change this and act towards a better society.
Midst such confusion, I started to explore myself and started taking active part in social related issues. During one such moment, I came across an NGO by name Green Youth Generation.
I wasn’t sure if I can give my time in social space but I scrolled up to the pages of the organization, watched couple of videos of Balraj Arpit.

Chanakya Karra
The way Balraj inspired the people around him, motivated me to go through the extra mile which I wasn’t sure of.
I had enrolled and successfully cleared my tasks. I was chosen as the city coordinator. I had huge number of thoughts on better approaches but I wasn’t sure how would the CEO take my ideas as and continued my job.
One day, I sent a mail regarding an event to the President and the response had shown me the safe space. I put all the thoughts into a mail and voila, I got a person close to my heart replying every time.
In my second year, I was chosen as National Coordinator and looked after the events in Green Youth Generation. It was during this tenure, I had gotten a chance to meet the President at a summit and gave me a platform to express my views. It is during this time, I gotta know the boundaries I have put to myself are imaginary.
The following year and the current year, I was chosen as the Director for Public Relations taking care of the Organization’s brand and making sure the impact is in whole new level.
During this year, We have successfully collaborated with AIESEC, IIT Delhi Chapter in providing a platform to the youth.
Apart from this, we are planning to collaborate and conquer the other problems that have been pestering the society.

This is my Story.

I care and I am an Youtharian!

Magazine of Youth: Chanakya Karra is an energetic youth who’s contributing in the society with his positive efforts. So, he’s a great source of inspiration for young people around the World.