Surabaya Green Action / SGA, an environmental care program implemented by the students of ITS (Surabaya Institute of Technology). The event took place at Ria Beach Kenjeran-Surabaya include mangrove planting 1500 trees, clean beaches, counseling impact of plastic waste, and the manufacture of environmentally board. The event was attended by a wide range of environmental community in Surabaya, junior-high-school students,college student , and the surrounding communities. In the implementation of mangrove planting, participants must enter into the muddy shore and they enthusiastically followed without fear.
After planting mangroves, participants received counseling about the dangers of plastic waste. Then followed the division of Green Bags
“Environmental pollution is increasing from year to year, but we have to be optimistic environment will recover. This is a small action that we can give to the environment, but the huge impact we will feel later. If it was not us who care, then who else “