Being a youth, have you ever visited to any doctor and ask for any medical issues? Let’s talk about condition of Jaipur, India where reaction of Doctors are quite dizzy. Have an interesting read of below conversation:

Note: Intention of a youth, to know the way to approach a doctor in emergency.

Youth: Sir, I want to know that what should I do during any medical emergency?

Doctor: Why? Why do you want to know?

Youth: Sir, I’m youth who’ve less knowledge about medical emergency and many times my friends or relatives ask for help.

Doctor: Call an ambulance and go to nearest hospital.

Youth: Last year, a villager went to a medical hospital during an emergency delivery  but Doctors refused to act because emergency ward was full and there’s was not facility for respective problem, they asked to pay for an ambulance so that they could take them to respective hospital. In a result, patient died with the baby before reaching to the next hospital.

Doctor: Why are you telling this to me?

Youth: Because I want to know that what should I do during any medical emergency so that next time I could save someone’s life?

Doctor: Listen, go to Government Hospital and ask. They’ll tell you these things.

Youth: But Sir. you… (doctor stopped him/her to speak)

Doctor: I said, don’t waste my time.

Now, it was the story of Jaipur. A place where thousands of students (youth) live and they don’t know what do in a medical emergency. They are just waiting for an emergency to learn “What they should do in an emergency?”

The question is, do you really know that what should you do during medical emergency? Then, please go and double check to be sure about it to prevent Entering into wrong hospital during an emergency.

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