Event name: Educated Tree Initiative
Theme: Transformational Educational and sustainable environmental conservation
Sub-Theme: Transformational Empowerment
Venue: Uthiru Girls Secondary school

1. Jessica Wanjiru – General motivational talk
2. Laurence Moranga – Chemistry talk
3. Alice Ritho – Love and relationship
4. Abuto Fredrick – Mathematics talk
5. Guda Isaac – Physics talk
6. Ann Kingori – Drug and Substance abuse
7. Philemon Too – Religious talk
8. Allan Kibwet – Biology talk
9. Alulu Joseph – song session entertainment
10. Peter Omondi -Moderator
11. Momanyi Kelvin Nyariaro – Being an “A” student


This was a one day easter event that was organized by the Green Youth Generation in partnership with a few skilled scouts members of the University of Nairobi. The aim was to empower the secondary schools students with life skills, educational skills, interaction skills, religious skills and to create awareness of the available opportunities for them in the University and other educational centres in Kenya.

The event was interactively planned in conjunction with the schools departmental head of science and students counselor, Mrs. Alice Akihungi and kicked off at 2:30pm with a word of prayer and an elaborate introduction of the thematic areas of Green Youth Generation and its value to the youth, by the National Coordinator-University of Nairobi.

Presenter 1: Mathematics

This session was facilitated by Abuto Fredrick. This might seem to have been a very difficult subject to handle but it was indeed very enjoyable. The students were clearly advised and emphasis on constant revision and practice was literated. It was noted that mathematics is a continuous development subject whose concepts are built on from previous basics, it was therefore agreed upon that constant reminder of basics and concepts was of paramount importance.

The students were involved in an interactive session of questions and answers, with major and minor clarifications being made. It was emphasized that a“a sum a day keeps maths a friend” as a rule to abide by.

Finally, the students were compelled to keep a personal mathematics timetable that clearly shows all the topics they have covered and how many times they have revised on each topic, by so doing it will keep help them keep a track record of all they have done and what they have not done.

Presenter 2: Biology

This session was facilitated by Allan Kibwet. This being a life science it was indeed embraced by many as a favourite subject. The students were clearly empowered to remember the concepts of biology and the need of cultivating on understanding more than “cramming” the biological principles.
It was literated that biology may seem quite easy when reading but a bit tricky when it comes to answering questions more especially the essay questions which require quite of elaborate discussion and systematic clarification, nevertheless, they were advised to plan before answering such questions and then elaborately answer them.

Lastly, the students were motioned to always remember that with God everything is possible and it is all in the mind, such that if they think they can actually they can i.e. their results are a product of their thinking.

Presenter 3: Chemistry

This session was facilitated by Lawrence Moranga. It was clearly noted that very few girl students were taking/doing chemistry. The students were advised on the benefits of remembering chemistry concepts, rules, laws and principles. A clear background of careful and repeated revision was emphasized. The need to remember the atomic numbers of elements, their formulas and the ability of balancing a chemical equation was emphasized.

Presenter 4: Physics

This session was facilitated by Guda Isaac. The students were empowered with tips on how to tackle the physics examination paper, on how to study for a physics exam and on the fine details to remember when studying for physics.

It was clearly literated that physics requires a fresh, sober and relaxed mind before studying. The essence of studying with a question in mind was emphasized and the need to have clear goals in mind before starting a physics session of study. Particular attention was drawn to the practical paper in which the students were advised to always link what they have leant in theory to the practical exam.
Finally, the students were advised to always approach a physics question with a critical thinking approach by reading the question before answering.

Presenter 5: Religious

This session was facilitated by Philemon Too. This being a school practicing freedom of worship, it was very easy to address them . The students were advised on the need and importance of upholding religion and depending on the Lord, God. It was clearly deduced that religion modifies character in a positive way and this has a direct impact on once performance i.e. good performance is directly related to good character with a few exceptions.

It was also stated in God one gains wisdom and knowledge which clearly translates to a holistic student of firm principles, a goal oriented life and up to date student.
Finally, the need of prayer was emphasized as a direct link used to communicate with God.

Presenter 6: General Motivational talk

This session was facilitated by Jessica Wanjiru. Various concepts and drawn during this presentation inclusive of the importance of neatness, organization as a contributor to success. The students were advised to always have a powerful attitude rather than a positive attitude towards all their undertakings in life. The need to always remain focused and avoid peer pressure was brought to their attention.
The mind was identified as a memory bank of thoughts and if well used, organized and treasured it could translate to only great thinkers but also great innovators from such bright girls. The students were called upon to not allow any one look upon them because they are girls but they should look upon themselves as great leaders of tomorrow and conquerors of this world.

Lastly, the students were advised to maintain their undivided focus on education first, participate in exercise and socializing for a wholesome development of themselves.

Presenter 7: Drugs and Substance abuse

This session was facilitated by Ann Kingori. This issue was tackled with great emphasis on never to attempt! Great care and attention was drawn to the effects of the drugs to humans and emphasis on students. The students were advised to keep good company/peers so as to avoid negative influence from adults.

Examples of the effects of drugs were drawn from life experiences that possibility they have encountered e.g. smokers, drunkards and on how drugs have negatively impacted on these people both economically and socially. The effects were emphasized more on their negative impacts on the family, education (resulting to school drop outs!) and finally on the self-trauma and guilt that results afterwards. The accompanying effects under the influence of drugs were also drawn to their attention with special attention to unwanted pregnancies among young girls, suicide and mental torture.
Finally, the session was closed by the ladies being challenged to refrain from drugs and substance abuse at all their life time.

Presenter 7: Love and Friendship

This session was facilitated by Alice Ritho. Indeed this was a session that was graced by te entire crowd being very anxious and participatory. A clear distinction was drawn between love and infatuation and clearly differentiated. Careful attention was drawn to the different types of love and their manifestations on earth.

Great care and emphasis was drawn on the topic “sexual love” and the students were advised to engage their intellectual capacities before engaging on this, since it may result to unwanted pregnancies, infectious conditions e.g. HIV. Indeed it was advised that it was better to “chill” and wait than to engage in pre-marital sex that has negative implications that may be for a lifetime.
Healthy friendship was greatly encouraged and its cultivation results to empowered and fruitful relationships that are bred on love, commitment and patience.

Lastly, the students were advised to make clear and thoughtful decisions before embarking on love and friendship in school.

Presenter 8: Being an “A” class student

This session was presented by Momanyi Kelvin Nyariaro. It was a more practical oriented presentation where the students were initial each given a printed rectangular piece of paper on which was a picture showing a small child standing in front of a mirror and on the mirror was an image of a grown up well dressed official man. This activity demonstrated that it is the perception of the student to be what they want regardless of their extrinsic/intrinsic challenges/limitations.
The second activity involved four students who were each given a ripe banana and then they were later asked to state the colour of the banana they ate. Unfortunately they all said they ate a yellow banana, which is not true since the colour of the banana they ate was creamish. The activity demonstrated to the students the need to be vigil, careful and very observant in every of their life undertaking.
Lastly, the students were told to write on the piece of paper that they were handed the words’ “I am a powerful lady student, I will think and act globally” and later on told to read out loudly the words as a personal promise to themselves.


All the sessions came to a successful end by 5 pm with a word of prayer and a song presentation from Alulu Joseph.

A photo session was conducted later on at the school’s premises with a cup of coffee from the administration as a vote of thanks to all the presenters for work well done.