A joint project by Green Youth Generation and Centre for Tourism & Peace.

Green Youth Generation:

Enhancement of leadership quality of the youth and mobilization of their latent resources and skills towards development of personal-ethics and commitment for a generation of Green Youth through knowledge and awareness.

Ensure effective Youth participation reflecting our perception, in decision making process to promote Child Rights, Education & Environment.
Enhance Leadership quality of Children & Youth around the World.

“We’ll not CHANGE the World, We’re CHANGING the World through Green Youth Generation. Buiding a generation of Youth who understand the real meaning & value of CHANGE. An eco-friendly generation for our Mother Earth.”- Balraj Arpit, (President Desk), Green Youth Generation

Centre for Tourism & Peace:

We encourage youth to do what they want, but keeping in mind a word which is peace. To provide a platform to youth of universe to inspire world through peace process.
To provide cultural event.
To provide a place for empowering them
To provide an environment where youth can apply their knowledge and thoughts in practical
To provide them felicitates of training on promoting peace, leadership, social justice, human rights, gender equality. Centre for Tourism and Peace will serve as a platform in which you can travel world & Promote Peace.
Centre for Tourism have a very young and energetic team. Who are really willing to serve the cause of CTP.

Green Youth MeetUp will be an informal gathering of individuals aged from 18 to 28 years. They will discuss about.
How to protect Green?
How to promote Importance of Green among our nation?
Ways of building an eco-friendly generation for our Earth.

In project International Coordinator Hamadullah Sohu briefed about GYG & CTP and much about Green Youth Meetup, and then by discussion participants were came to decision that this meetup gives them a new way to think about Green Environment,