Barely few days since #IndiasDaughter stirred the world, we witnessed another shameful incident in Bangalore today.
On our way to office, me and my friend Archana were shocked to see a girl aged about 25 being beaten black and blue by a strong well built man, with at least 50 people standing on the street and simply watching.
Me and Archana rushed out of the car, pushed the man back in an attempt to loosen his grip on the girl. He was grabbing the girl by her hair, slapping her, kicking her in the groin as she fell down on the road. Archana started pushing the man while I tried untangling the girls hair from his fingers. Once freed, we along with the girl sought refuge inside our car. The man sat down on the car bonnet, refusing to let us drive.
The girl, Surya is working in Bangalore. The man beating her up on the streets publicly is none other than her father, RajaRam, a sub-inspector with Madurai police. Her mother, a silent spectator of the entire incident is a teacher in Madurai. The parents had heard rumors of their daughter having an affair and was hence “teaching her a lesson” , refusing to listen to her or believe her denying the affair. The father wanted to take her back to Madurai , against the wishes of the adult daughter and forcibly marry her to someone of their choice. The mother , a teacher kept blaming Surya for the “shame that she has brought upon her family”.
We called the police , who came after 30 mins and took the family away to Ulsoor Police station.
Not only, was the parents behavior shocking and gruesome , but what was more shameful was the silent spectators on the street who stood watching the entire drama, not willing to save the girl or aid and support us, who were at least trying.
If a policeman chooses to physically and publicly abuse his adult daughter , how are we safe in the hands of such “protectors of law”??
If a teacher mistrusts and blames her adult daughter while supporting her husband’s abusive behavior, how can we entrust our children’s grooming to such “educators and shapers of young India” ??

-Nivedita Chakraborty

The Logical Indian applauds Nivedita & Archana for the brave act shown by them and also appeal to everyone to not be just a mute spectator,when you see atrocities,raise your voice.