Worth Wondering…

Disha Dinesh Sahni

Wandering through the road one bright day- I was looking at men black and white. Every soul that passed by- was no less than a mystery to me! The semblance was delectable, the blue sky was veiled with white lofty clouds. People were busy getting efficiency- like bee sucks nectar. I wonder! Why people call world-no more human; indeed it is so much! World does not trove humanity, indeed humanity troves this world. Humanity is a beatific elixir which is pursuant with each and every soul. It is just that it is unsung! It is a thirt that is self content.

The choice we make;reflects our humanity.
And believe me,’ There was no time, when we had no choice!’
In the race of human beings;
We have forgotten being human!

Inhuman behaviour is not only deleterious to other souls,but also to our own.

People say- This world is fulsome! I would like to question them- Are you not? We have fumigated our pure souls with action and anger.
In search of stability;
We become gallivant.
We have an acatalepsy about our own existence!

World is not adversarial with our breath, instead, it is a field of infinite power and correlation, which acts as a ‘menu card’ and manifests everything we desire.

People call happiness- a gratuity given by chance!
I would call it an elixir-galore in our arms!

Deplorable is no being,like every fact which possess a dearth of evidence is not necessarily false!

What makes you become delinquent, my friend? It is you- who can liberate yourself from all poignance, lament, guilt and adament difficulties. It is our desire and ultimate faith which can debunk the beliefs of play of chance.

The sky is red as amber now!
The Sun saying-‘Adieu!’ to let moon satiate this world, the best he is replete with. What about you, my friend?

“I am an alma mater of St. Joseph’s convent school. Right now pursuing engineering from Jabalpur Engineering College in Industrial And Production branch. I have written articles for Bangla Sanglap London, which is a newpaper in London. I am also associated with Keynotes poets and writers in Sacremento, California. Writing is my love, and i am pretty loyal to it.
My motive is not to become a good! Rather I would love to be the reason behind some good!” – Disha