“I have a great IDEA to CHANGE the World.” This is what most of today’s young people are saying but why they’re failed to succeed their ideas? A great idea failed when vision seems to be weak.

Taking an example of Steve Jobs and Apple Inc., 1976 when Steve Jobs come up with an idea and vision to change the world was to connect keyboard with monitor and bring revolution of Personal Computers to the life of people. Apple succeed with invention of Macintosh in 80’s. Steve left Apple in 1985 and founded NEXT Computers Inc. resulting declining and failure of the company Apple Inc.. In 1996, when Apple had idea but no vision which led to failure, they recall Steve as Adviser of Apple Inc. Steve back to Apple Inc. with NEXT Computer Inc. as backbone of Apple, what was this?

Every great idea do not succeed until or unless there is strong vision behind the idea. When you think that you got an idea which is truly different and innovative but you never thought about its strong vision. You gonna achieve failure rather success. Vision gives your idea a ‘life’.

So, what to do with vision to make it strong? Vision is, when I’ve an idea to build an UFO then I should know that how UFO will be helpful to others. I mean, people isn’t going to buy your product/services until or they need it.

For real life example, Facebook is successful because one can log in to connect with friends and see/share their current status, photographs and all. Start-up a company with a great idea and strong vision that will help people and then you say,“I have a great IDEA to CHANGE the World.”