In video below, why it takes so many years to express her feelings of heart that she is a proud Indian? If she wanted to save the India during 2014 Election when she would not let this situation to happen because Congress is in political power?  INC (Indian National Congress) is the largest and one of the oldest democratically-operating political parties in the world founded in 28 December 1885 (128 years ago) then why India is still a developing country? Today, population youth in India is 460 million which more than total population of USA which is 313.9 million. In 2022, India will become youngest country in the World. Why INC failed to realize the potential of youth in the country? When you admitted your son Rahul Gandhi in Harvard University during 1990 and later shifted to Rollins College, Virginia to complete his BA, then M. Phil from Trinity College, Cambridge in 1995. Why still you haven’t realized that India needs colleges and universities where youth of the country could earn their highest degree and quality education from India at affordable price? Have your thought about son or daughters of Indian mothers? There are so many questioned need to be asked by young people of India. Please, leave your question to the INC in comment below.