Do you know why there’s India?

If you’re not citizen of India then you may probably heard a lot of things about India, different Indians. And if you’re proud citizen of India then you may probably experienced the issues. To both of you, this article will show you new perspective to SeeIndiaDifferently what you probabily not seen.

Get’s started with most recent hot news of ‘India from Bihar’. After reading several articles over internet, a Bihari felt that, “Yes! I’m Bihari, less Indian.” In the University, a boy call a Manipuri a ‘Chinki!’ and when someone asked why he said so then the answer was, “He’s my BFF!”. REALLY?? BFF?? Doesn’t friendship means to tolerate everything of best friend no matter it’s offending? Now, you’ve started seeing India Differently in which there’re several states and people of each state thinks that they don’t have relation with people of other states.

I’m talking to Indians in this paragraph. Few years back which you may remember, it was a talk in the Country that India has one NGO on every 400 people, wowww. How lucky Indian citizens that in nearly a decade, India will be changed. It’s been one more than years to that news and now there’s only few years left to end a decade. Does that news changed the World? Probably, it should change because Indian communication media are too much focused on showing the LifeChangingNews. No worry, when biggest organization of the World failed Millennium Development Goal 2015 then I’m talking about NGO and people. I believe you may have hea

“If a woman is raped then women should not come out of the house and when a wife is raped by her husband then women should follow the culture.” It’s widely acceptable solution of Woman Empowerment. That’s why there’s around 12000 men signed the petition at HeForShe which is an International initiative of United Nations. Today, Indian should really think that we’ve not empowered one single woman of the country by offering a job after an unwanted interview and conditional survival of Woman Employee in the Company. Isn’t it’s an excuse when tourist get raped, “Tourist are raped because of their dressing culture.”

Did above lines questioned any business? Absolutely not because “Ham ush Desh k washi hai jis desh me Ganga behti hai.” (I’m a citizen of country where river Ganga flow.) An NGO can be part of CSR of any company only when that NGO have 80G certificate which provide tax exemption. Yes, only few people donate because they want to see the change. This is the reason why there’s an NGO for every 400 people is not changing the World.

There’s 400+ young people from 70+ nations across the World are called “Youtharians” and they’re part of ‘Green Youth Generation’ whose ‘Magazine of Youth’ is an international initiative. And we’ve reached to 140 countries and left positive impact to small communities without funds. We want to leave huge positive impact to the lives of people so we need some infrastructure. We need a dedicated WorkStation Computer and Server to the Science & Technology Department of the organization to develop more online platforms.

We’re accepting Indian funds only because we don’t have FCRA certificate and we’re not giving you any income tax exemption because we don’t have 30G. All we’ve is, our efforts that we’re giving to change the World but lacking resources. Join us! Sign Up an account here and raise your voice.

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