I was losing my mind and shared this on Facebook reacting to the post of Arvind Kejriwal. And, this is completely my personal view sharing through Magazine of Youth which is platform to share voices of Youth.


Mr. #Kejriwal, answer this, you #moron

1. Did anyone ask for water or to fill their forms? I always fill up the form whenever someone ask me in the bank and never seen anyone refusing.

2. Which bank is refusing water to its customers? I’ve no such experience. If it exist with you, then report a complain, it’ll be resolved. You’re CM of Delhi, and a common citizen to rest of the country.

3. Why you always think that we (citizens) are always helpless? I never found you helping anyone. Help yourself, and Delhi.

4. Do you think yourself as #AntiCorruption hero? Then why don’t you come up with innovative solutions other than criticising leaders? Open Paytm app and read ‘Handcrafted in India’ on splash screen, you moron.

Don’t gift any duck, keep it in your bedroom. Ask your #volunteers to #EDUCATE #PoorChildrens that would be better step.

– If you’re an #AAP volunteer, you can react to this post, I’ll respond.

Note: MoDi is courageous and confident about his decisions, and currently he made new deals with #Japan that will be helping our #Nation. What the hell #Arvind did in last few months? Does he even has any plans for #Delhi? I doubt.