She’s an empowered woman, and she’s on a mission to change the World.


THE ADORABLE is a sublime awareness programme that aims at making people aware of what they can actually achieve! The campaign wants to make sure that no great waves of distress ever harms or thwart one’s success.

What’s you mission?

I aim at spreading awareness by posting achievements of the people around us in the form of anecdotes- because I think I will be more inspired by the ones around me than the ones who seem intangible.

What’s your vision?

Success is something one cannot achieve destitute of motivation. THE ADORABLE makes sure that the person is not just motivated but sees how one can achieve the required success. I want to open up ways that seem almost impossible. Also, once the success and the path to be followed become conspicuous, a gentle breeze of hard work can make impossible things possible!


THE ADORABLE also aims at promoting the lost craft of handmade cards. I think that the winsome of handmade cards which has become staid in the era of technology must be revived. And we are the lucky ones to do that!


Who’s Founder & CEO?

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She, DISHA DINESH SAHNI is an Industrial and Production engineer. Apart from academia, she is a poetess, writer, editor, entrepreneur, content creator, teacher, social activist and a philanthropist. She provides free education to the students of high school and hence claims to be the change she wants to see in this world.

Her poems, articles, stories and extracts have been published in various newspapers, magazines and anthologies in INDIA n ABROAD. She is the MANAGER of the e-commerce OYE SWAG.

She is an active member of NGO’s and supports good cause.

Who are with you in this mission?

Suyash Sharma is pursuing Industrial Production engineering. He is an enthusiastic theatre artist and a dancer. He has been representing his college at various National platforms.

Priyanka Salian is computer science engineer, currently working in TATA ELXSI, PUNE. She has a great ardour for literature and is a consummate creativity manager.

We at Magazine Of Youth which is an international initiative of Green Youth Generation supporting Disha and her team to inspire and make a difference. – Balraj Arpit, Founder & President, Green Youth Generation

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