In 2011, Green Youth Generation initiated different events/activities across Gopalganj city (Bihar, India). We, united several schools so that there could be better exchange of knowledge between students and Green Morning replaces Good Morning in the classrooms and campuses. We are still thankful to all those schools who helped us to succeed our initiatives.

The city, Gopalganj has highest demand of Youtharians (Coordinators and Volunteers of Green Youth Generation) and we deliver words and actions together to leave a great impact behind. It was Dr. Ellora Nandi English School whose classrooms were always opened after school hours so that Green Youth Generation could host its official meetings with Volunteers. We inspired many, turned simple kid into a Leader, Social Entrepreneur and Innovator.

And now, we received pictures with notes from the school’s office.

“Wishing you Happy Durga Puja, we at Dr. Ellora Nandi English School, is celebrating this great festival with keeping concept of Youtharia Revolution in mind and slogan ‘Green Gopalganj, Green India, Save Our Environment’ in which most unique way of promoting Green Environment is the Statue Of Goddess Durga is colored Green. Thanks to the organization, Green Youth Generation. We support it.” – Dr. Ellora Nandi

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We replied, Great Ma’am! Wishing you the same Happy Green Durga Puja. We’re feeling ‘Wow! Amazing’.  The youth-led NGO, Green Youth Generation appreciating your great effort for spreading awareness.” 

Hope this article and the way of festival celebration will inspire many young leaders and people around the World to Stand with Green Youth Generation to make a difference in the World. #Proud