An organization started in remote village of Bihar (India) by a group of 17 years old kids – Balraj Arpit, Chandan Ranjan, Rakesh Jha, Kumar Saurabh and Anshul Singh. In four years, they’ve made it an international platform for young people where youth from more than 70 nations are engaged in Changing the World.

Green Youth Generation, is now an international youth-led NGO working in the field of Human Resource Development, Youth Affairs and Sports, Health & Family Welfare, Agriculture & Allied Industries Development, Environment & Forests, Rural Development, Science & Technology and Communication & IT with more than 400 young leaders from 70+ nations united as Youtharians and making difference to the lives of millions people.

Magazine of Youth, yes, it’s an international initiative of Green Youth Generation which is publishing article and great stories of young people from around the World. At Magazine of Youth, we believe that rather publishing about daily stories of others, we’re focused on not just publishing but also creating real success story. For youth around the World, they can Sign Up here and publish their article easily which will be reviewed by Editors and get published. Every author receives great award certificate for remarkable articles.

Let’s talk about little bit change. At Green Youth Generation, is an official short URL sharing short URL of links from all platforms. Main mission of this URL is to track and create one of the largest network of youth Worldwide so that we could reach to several resources from one links. E.g. Short Link of this article is and if you’ll share it then you’ll reach to this article.

Now, you maybe thinking about other platforms of the organization leaded by students of Computer Science, B. Arch and Laws. Don’t worry, you’re going to know about all platform at the end of this article.

Youtharia Revolution: The Age of Legions (Season-V) previously known as Youtharia: Season – I. It’s first international initiative of Green Youth Generation when young people several fill-up the application form to become part of this phenomenon. In this initiative, the organization open an application in October/November and select many dynamic youth from several countries to represent their regions so that they could respond local and global issues. After selection of youth as National & International Coordinator, the organization used to send Toolkit. But from Youtharia Revolution 2015, one application were open for 6 different opportunities at 3 different platforms of Green Youth Generation. First is Youtharia Revolution, second is Magazine of Youth and third Model NGO.

Model NGO, is an idea of Green Youth Generation to organize National & International conference to create universal model of NGO which includes NGO managements and its operations. This will lead to millions of NGOs in the World to leave huge positive impact. Model NGO is taken as initiative of Green Youth Generation which is being planned to be held its first conference in India. At Model NGO. 8 different councils and debating simulation will shape the NGOs.

Soon, we’re starting an international award ceremony that will be hosted from

Till now, we’re working on Zero Ruppee or event sponsors. Now, we’re working on several new platforms to be made so that we could change the World. But, due to funds as an issue, we’re unable to proceed. We’re requesting you to help us to build an open platforms for young people around the World.

Big things never became big in a day. The organization has been crafted be award winning youth who dares to change the World in last 4 years. Now, it’s the time to do big things. Green Youth Generation is accepting only Indian Funds, so we’re requesting every Indians to support us. You can donate any amount from Rs. 50 to amount equivalent to cost of infrastructure development.

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