On May 22nd, school girls around the world will march together and show the world that all school girls can make a difference as they march for the Nigerian School girls who were kidnapped.

Bring Back Our Girls is dedicated to giving individuals tools to help raise awareness, and to activate our governments so they will rescue the girls in Nigeria and protect schoolgirls across the world. Educated girls will share that education with their brothers and sisters, impacting their communities and breaking the cycle of poverty. Removing barriers such as early marriage, gender-based violence, domestic slavery, and sex trafficking means not only a better life for girls, but a safer, healthier and more prosperous world for all.

Only 5% of northern Nigerian girls make it to secondary school. The abducted girls were ready to graduate and become doctors and lawyers. They are extraordinary, and they need to be rescued and brought home. All girls deserve education and protection while at school.

We can change the world together. Oppression can only exist in the dark – where people are unable or afraid to speak up. A moment like this makes us realize that each voice has power. As we socialize this message that girls matter; that a world where girls thrive is a world where everyone thrives, repression becomes more difficult. And then it becomes impossible. Educating girls around the world is essential.


How can I help?

Click here to take action

How can I start a rally?

If you are interested in starting a rally in your town please provide us with the info below, we will start an event for you, and promote it:

1. Choose Date, Time, Location. A date that is within the next 5 days is best.

2. Details about event: is this a rally, march, vigil?

3. Contact information for organizer.

4. EMAIL US with the above details

Tell all of your friends to join you in sharing it over social media. Ask people to WEAR RED.

Can I donate money?

We DO NOT accept donations, nor will we ever on behalf of this cause. Our focus is on raising social awareness and actions that citizens can take to put pressure on our leaders and the Nigerian Government to IMMEDIATELY rescue the girls.  Be careful of donation scams.  For more information why we do not believe donations will help: http://en.minguo.info/wiki/forgotten/schoolgirls/action/donationsIf you are interested in donating to organizations working to help Northern Nigerian school girls, please look to credible organizations such as the Malala Fund, Catapult, Unicef and others which are working to promote girls’ education around the world.

Where did the Chibok Girls abduction happen?

The abduction took place at Government Secondary School, Chibok, Chibok Local Government Area. The school was formerly called Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok.

When were the Chibok girls kidnapped?

The kidnap happened on April 14th, 2014 at around 11:45pm.

How did the kidnap happen?

Several gunmen stormed Government Secondary School, Chibok on the pretense that they had intel the school was going to be attacked by insurgents. They claimed to be there to provide help by ferrying them to safe locations. Some of the insurgents were reportedly in army camouflage and so it was easy to get the girls together into the vehicles with which they came. The school buildings were razed afterwards.

Has Boko Haram claimed any responsibility for the abductions?

A video reportedly made available by the Boko Haram terrorist group on 5th May, 2014 had its leader, Abubakar Shekau claiming responsibility for the abduction with threats to marry off the girls.

What’s the population of Chibok Secondary School?

The school reportedly has a population of 1,610 with 530 registered for the West Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the terminal Senior School Certificate Examination administered by the National Examination Council.

How many girls were kidnapped?

276 girls are reported to have been abducted.

How many girls have been found?

53 girls have escaped from the terrorist hold.

How many girls are still missing?

223 girls

Why did it take long to know the exact number of girls kidnapped?

Given the security situation in the state, students from neighbouring schools in Izge, Lassa, Ashigashiya and Warabe all in Borno were redeployed to write their exams at Chibok. It took recognisance from the schools, parents and community members to finally arrive at the number of girls kidnapped.

Have the names of the students been published?

No list has been officially published by the government. However, a Christian group affiliated to the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), the Northern States Christian and Elders Forum published a list of 180 girls. The list included names of Christian and Muslim girls believed to have been captured by Boko Haram

How did the 53 girls that secured their freedom escape?

Most of them escaped into the bush at night following a breakdown of the vehicle conveying them.

Where are the girls presently?

No one knows for sure. But there are reports that some of them may have been moved to neighbouring Chad, Cameroon and or Niger Republic.

Where can I read more about the discussions around the abduction and efforts to ensure the girls are rescued?

Head to facebook.com/bringbackourgirls for news and info, or go to Google and Twitter and search the hashtag: #BringBackOurGirls

I have seen several display pictures with the BringBackOurGirls Hashtag and different girls, are they one of the kidnapped girls?

No, they were just used as a model picture to help capture the mood of the issue.

Who created the phrase which led to the hashtag #bringbackourgirls?

Obiageli Ezekwesili

Who first tweeted #bringbackourgirls

Ibrahim M. Abdullahi

Credited: www.bringbackourgirls.ng – Frequently asked questions