We are in the fortunate tide of time, where every day at some part of the world volunteers buzz in, to clean up their surroundings.  Lake restoration, E-waste collection, shoreline clean-up are trends of the day. It’s positive that such services are no more looked down as weird or any uncommon phenomenon. Even if you start to single handed, you will end up surrounded by a group of people helping you in rag picking and cleaning the garbage.

Without any expectation from the ruling or opposing party, people have started seeing the environment as their responsibility. One such successful cleanup exercise was organized amidst the desert pastures of Bolgatanga in the upper east region of Ghana by the Fountain Gate Chapel on 30th July, this year.

GYG 01

The volunteers managed to pull this day out of the week and landed upon the chapel roads with a mission to clean! And one among them was our GYG coordinator, Isaac Abugri Azumah as a feather to the cap.  This clean-up was supported by ZOOMLION GHANA LIMITED (a waste management company in Ghana). Once on the field, the team swept into different directions to work their magic. Within next few hours, the chapel floors were glazing clean, window panes were sparkling, the bushes were neatly cut and the choked gutters were running clean. The clean-up was organized mainly to clean the church premises but they ended up cleaning the entire area around the church.

While sharing his experience, Mr. Abugri said “It was all joy and excitement as we took turns to clean and cracked jokes during the exercise. Cleanliness is indeed next to godliness and I am happy that I was involved in this program”. Such events motivate others to foster change and turn this earth a better place to live in.



(Editor at Magazine of youth, GYG)