An inspiring Book which contains the story of 15 Undergraduates who dares to find their own path.
By Nikky Kumar Jha(Inventor, Researcher, Entrepreneur)

Miracle minds is the detail inspiring story of 15 undergraduate who are unique from their age group and all are hardly of 22 and in this short span of time they dared to find their own path. All the 15 are genius in their respective fields and they really love the work they do. They are passionated about their creativity. Their skills define them and their passion lead them to success.

Book contains the detailed information about their daily habits, how they manage their time slot i.e. their daily routine apart from their studies and enjoyment. Their stories are amazing and it is far much inspiring to the teenagers who have some dream and facing hindrance to fulfill their burning desire, also the book contains the contact details of all the miracles so that readers can directly be in touch with them so that they can guide teenagers to develop India and helps in making country a superpower.

At the last but not the least their stories say that if you are passionated and wants to be on the top there is no hindrance of degree and money just one need the efforts and hard work.