Young minds for the change and we are the real change makers and the mentors of conservation and conservation followers. Every day we breathe and our nature provided us this life that is why we have to  do something for this nature and have to sustain our environment. By considering above facts Green Youth Generation representing IAAS, Tribhuvan University has done a plantation program in coordination with local organization Youth for Conservation and Sustainable Agriculture (YCSA) which was a small effort of us for the change. Program was doner on the campus vicinity and fully supported by IAAS because all are mentors of conservation.

Program was started at evening and it was supported by all the IAAS students. We have done plantation program at Paklihawa and have an aim of planting 200 effective plants for every year and to improve local environment.

National Coordinator: Rajendra Mishra


  1. Dinesh Raj Pant
  2. Ramesh Upreti
  3. Bivekananda Mahat
  4. Arjun Bastola
  5. Anish Parajuli
  6. Manoj Kandel
  7. Suraj Karkee
  8. Pradip Sapkot
  9. Manish Sapkota