“Give man a fish, you feed him for a day.Teach him how to fish, you feed him for  lifetime”.

These lines of a chinese proverb give us the apt importance of education in surviving in this struggle for existence world.

“In large states public education will always be mediocre, for the same reason that in large kitchens the cooking is usually bad” – friedrich nietzsche.
this quote holds good in the context of Indian society where the vast diversities and the improper functioning of the government system leave us prone to educational system failure. We, Indians were never in similar situation when we refer to our past. We had the world’s finest and stupendous people who taught the entire world concepts beyond the universes. This was because of the private ruling of kingdoms. As kingdoms differed, so did their essential requirements. Hence, the kings took steps keeping in mind about the conditions which prevailed in their kingdom. That was quite evident even pre independence as the number of scientists who were the flag bearers of the nation’s pride is in great number.

Slowly, the government started to centralize the education system and started to run schools. Due to the centralized power, the gap between the top and the bottom most groups started to rise. Unfortunately, it rose to such a situation where the governments have lost the placenta with the final benefited students. The government schools started to become a place of recreation for the bunch of teachers as there is no one to question them about the results and moreover they are in a comfort-zone of a permanent job. This approach changed considerably, thanks to the private schools. The competitive approach started to bring better results and increased the efficiency of the teachers. This can be quite clearly understood by the number of people who are opting for iit coaching right in their 8th standard.

Every coin has another side which the people normally don’t see.
Similarly, privatization also proved hindrance to the development in the society. Students are being trained to obtain marks rather than concepts. Everyone knows how to solve a problem using partial integrations but very few know the practical usage of the concept. In short we are producing better textbooks in the form of students who can inject the concepts and splash them on to papers. The increase in the privatisation also made us to see the students opting to commit suicide rather than coping with stress. This privatisation grew to such  a stage where they are moulding the education system in accordance to their advantage.