Today, during The Millennium School off-campus event I asked, “Student and Parents are complaining about Education System of India resulting losing interest in studies. Is there any model of the New Education System has been introduced by The Millennium School that could replace the present Education System?”

Answer was – “Yes, we’re doing that. Our R&D team on extensive research of this that what are basic problem which was student face. And after that research, we’ve come up with Millennium Learning System and that isn’t conventional method of learning but it’s creating that passion of learning and it’s not book and child relationship it’s a activity based learning and strategy based learning. So, we’re creating that value that create lifelong learners, with parents as a partner, forming global citizens for the World, a path to World’s better tomorrow.”

It’s not a solution that generating interest in something that you’ve created long years ago, does it make sense? Why not let student have their own education system? It’ll be more innovative when there’ll be freedom of education. But we’re very far away from freedom of education because still we don’t have a model of new kind of education system.

OK! It’s been long time complaining about education system. Let’s build a new education system for the World in 2014 during Youtharia Revolution – Rebuilding Education System(RES) at Green Youth Generation.

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