We youths are the pillars of our sacred nation. If the youths are not awake then our entire nation will also not arise. Youths of a country play a very important role in improving and developing the country. We people across the globe are actually wasting the natural resources more than our desire, polluting the environment and destroying the beautiful nature
We youths are spending much time in restaurants, watching TV, playing videogames, social networking, updating style statement etc. But we all can devote ourselves to the society, to our country. We can join some Non-profitable organization such as “Green Youth Generation” and we can work atleast twice in a month and do something for our society. We should work for the wellness of our society and volunteering ourselves without expecting in return.
 What shall we do?
We will make a group and can work actively on Environmental issues, Health, Paper waste prevention, Child and Orphanage etc. We will bring new ideas and will try to implement. We will start encouraging others to contribute. Let us unite together and make our world a very better planet to live.
 Factors which are destroying our nature:-

• Extreme use and wastage of papers are causing the reduction and cutting of many trees every day.
• Plastic bags are often used in markets, shopping centres, shops etc places and usually people throw it out anywhere.
• Wastage of electricity, using of air conditioner for 24hrs etc.
• Prevention of throwing waste anywhere on public places.
• Lack of recycling of products causes more wastage of products.
• Noise and air pollution, Using of crackers in festivals are the main causes of Noise as well as Air pollution.

 Initiatives to be taken:-

• Prevention of paper wastage:-

In companies, school, colleges and universities it can be seen that more papers are wasted unnecessarily. In school-colleges there should be a group of organization who can collect all the notes and contents from the students once they finish their current standard and those notes and books can be provided to the juniors so that they can get help also and notes can be reusable also. So this could be a repeatable process. Students must not waste a single page, they can use copies or sheets for their rough notes and once the rough copy gets over they can sell the paper for recycling where these papers can be recycled. Similarly in companies it can be seen that people are taking printouts and Xerox unnecessarily and after a day they are throwing it our or dumped on their workstations. So this must be prevented and they are strictly advised to take the Xerox or print out only if it is important and after that if they realize that it is not necessary then they should drop all the used papers in a waste paper drop box from where companies can handover to those who can recycle these papers. If we all follow this kind of rules then millions of tree would be saved.

• Prevention of using plastic bags:-

Whenever we go for any shopping, or need to purchase anything we ask for a plastic bags and shopkeeper provides too. So after that we throw the plastics anywhere without worrying its harmful effect on nature. We can prevent this upto some extent. We all should take a carry bag and avoid plastics from shopkeeper, so we can take all the stuffs in our carry bag. Even shopkeepers should use paper bags instead of plastic poly bags. So where it is very much needed there we can use plastic bags but we should not throw it anywhere. Our motto should be to avoid using plastic bags as much as possible.

• Prevention of wastage of electricity:-
It can be noticed everywhere that consumption of electricity is happening everywhere.
Lights, Fans, ACs, TVs, and Computers are unnecessarily on when people are not inside the room. In order to prevent electricity wastage all company should follow an automatic power off/on sensor based systems like when employees are in their cabin or room that time lights and Ac should be on and when not it should be switch off within 20 seconds. Extra lights should be turned off which is not required or necessary. There should be a person to who can watch the activities that where unnecessary lights and fans are on. All employees and people must follow within their organization and homes too.
Even if we all follow the weekly rule that on one day we will switch of extra lights, TV, AC, fans for an hour. If government should follow the same that every week atleast for an hour all extra decorated lights in park, shopping malls, roads are switched off then we will save our earth upto some extent.
• Prevention of throwing waste and garbage on the public places:-
We all must keep a garbage bin outside our houses which should be closed and all kind of wastes should be thrown to the dustbin. These wastages can be taken by the municipality wastage collection department workers. Government must provide garbage bins in every public places so that people can use of throwing their wastes on Bins. It should be taken very strictly and following this our places can be kept very clean. We should give all the plastic made bottles and stuffs for recycling instead of throwing it to garbage bin and in each city there should be a recycling factory where daily plastic and paper products can be recycled instead of throwing in public places. By following this waste product management can be done, places can be kept clean and recycled products can be used.

• Prevention of Air and Noise Pollutions:-
Now a days pollution is a big issue across the globe. Day by day numbers of vehicles are increased, constructions works are increased. So it should be mandatory for vehicles owners to check their vehicle’s pollution level in each month and servicing must be done in time. Unnecessarily using of Horns must be stopped as this is the main reason for noise pollutions, wherever is needed horn can be used.
We all youth must take an initiative to avoid burning high decibel crackers as it harms both environment and human being. High decibel crackers must be banned since it is dangerous for patients and older people and also less number of crackers should be burnt in Diwali or some festive seasons in order to prevent the air and noise pollution.

We the youth of our nation can contribute in many ways if we wish. So my humble request to all youths of India to come up, join each other hands, help needy and poor people, support the society, and fight for the causes. We can teach poor children, help them to get food and books. We all can together make our country developed and proud. We are the inspiration and biggest power of our country.

“I am Biswanath Ghosh. I belong to Jamshedpur and currently working in Chennai. I am a very active person and don’t like to skip any opportunities.  According to me every human being comes to this world with certain definite purpose and we should not work our own desire but we need to help and support other s too. I always like to give all kinds of help and support to students and my juniors as much a s i can. I want they also study well and be ideal in their field. I visit orphanage homes to donate clothes, foods.”