” A Baby Is God’s Opinion That Life Should Go On.”
But after reading about the frequent atrocities on women and youth taking an active part in saving the girl children.
i thought for the reason and the need to save girls. so, i came up with this.
why do we need to save girls?
Not because they can be our sisters, mothers, spouse or friends  but because they too are born like us  as human beings.
the most pitiable state is that in a country where we pray to animals, we forget to pray our fellow beings.
the ever increasing cases of atrocities and female infanticide worries me a lot with just a single thought how would i feel if its the same girl whom i love, is falling prey to those cruel hands. this simple imagination was powerful enough to stir a sense of fear.
unfortunately the society as well as parents are the chief causes in shaping men believe in the existence of a dominant sex.
yeah, behind every person who committed rape stand the society which couldn’t teach him that she too has emotions and is born with the same human rights you are possessing, the parents where the father failed to teach him that wife isn’t a machine to whom you can pass orders, isn’t meant to be in the kitchen, isn’t dumb to take family decisions and mother who failed to teach him that she can do much more than making delicious food, watching the soap operas and finally the historians who manipulated the history such that they can enjoy the pleasures of male dominant society.
believe me if the holy books were written by women the history would have been fair enough.
the best example which can be illustrated is that of Cleopatra. she is considered to be beautiful and had been portrayed as a person who could use her body to get things done, in short a whore.
Why are we focusing on the negative aspects rather than her administrative skills to govern Egypt for such long tenure, negotiation skills in dealing with the kings etc.
the sad part of the story is that Julius Caesar, the person who shared bed was portrayed as an ideal ruler while she was portrayed as a whore.

let me make a point clear to all those who are proud for being MALE. i have got a bad news for you.
every person whether its male, female, Transgender is FEMALE in the initial stage of fetal.
this was proved by scientists as the reason behind male having nipples.
Sex of the baby is determined later. Hence, there is no point in being proud regarding your sex. Imagine the situation where you have to address”Ladies and Pre Ladies instead of Ladies and Gentlemen” 😀

all i want to say is that, we are born equal and hence treat them equal.
No need to give them any special reservations. Why do they need reservations when they can do everything that the opposite sex can? its just the cheap politician’s foul play in try to gain their vote bank. Understand it guys.

i am not a feminist but a humanist. a person who strives for the humans as a whole.

Girl is not a toy to play 🙂
and Real Men are not ruthless to Slay 🙂
Change is inevitable and i wish to see a change soon in the parents, the society and the historians.
thank you 🙂
-by CHANAKYASave the girl Child

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