Magazine of Youth | The goal of this article is to highlight the enigma of domination between the age-old conflicting branches of Science and Religion. Science and spirituality plays a key role in evolutionary humanity providing all sorts of benefit for a comfortable and sophisticated life. Since time immemorial, science and spiritualistic religion has undergone varieties of treatment during its quest for finding the ultimate truth in the ever expanding universe. The main motive of the article is to highlight the key concepts of what science and religion is all about and what is in store for future. The goals of science and religion, their similarities, the importance in our lives, the travelling odyssey since time immemorial, and the future in the long run are well focused. It is indeed genuinely surprising to notice that experimental and evidence seeking science and spiritual holiness seeking religion both go parallel to infinity. The conquest for understanding the truth, our existence in the supernatural cosmos, the world behind metaphysical sciences are all important panorama for science and religion to behold the verity in deep, vast, mystical universe. Science and religion has a long way to travel to reach heights of enigma.


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