Society not Found 507

When I was child, my mother always used to teach about society and its culture. 20 years back when I was born in a village then people were celebrating because I was the only male child after five sisters because society wanted to have a male child. And then I founded two aspects of society, one to have a male child and second to avoid female foeticide. But since 1991, 80% of districts in India have recorded an increasingly masculine sex ratio with the state of Punjab having the most masculine sex ratio (UNICEF India Report).

I grew up faster in small village, went to school and enjoyed playing with friends and then I found, minority of girls in schools. When I asked to my mother, she said that its decision of society. I replied, this is unfair because my sisters and few others went to school then why not every girl child? She said, it’s decision of society.

Now, it was time for seeking quality in everything because I grew up to 8 years old. My district had not a single Central Board affiliated to secondary school. Again, had another question was why there’s not such school? And the answer was, because society isn’t developed.

This was extreme position, I keep asking different questions and every answer was based on society. But, I never found that society who have taken all these decisions. I don’t know why, “Why people do think that they part of society and they can change the wrong decisions taken by our past?”

If female foeticide, injustice to girls, poor quality of education, many local issue and many global issues are existing then it’s just because we do participate in society rather we think that society isn’t their responsibility rather it’s responsibility if police and governments.

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