“I will put this into your ass, that will be the torture”, ticket checker standing on the Jaipur Railway Station replied me when i told him “sir, please listen me. Allow me to Explain my point”.

This is a story of a night, we always remember, I went to station to drop my elder brother. We are six other than my brother. Indian railways platform ticket , which is perquisite for entering inside the station premises is supposed to be available for whole night.Yes, we are wrong but not intentional, in fact we are compelled to do so. We arrived at 2nd gate of station premises and we searched for platform ticket for about half and hour.

Platform ticket a far thing, we didn’t even find a single person on any of the counter. The situation of counters are like holiday. I can understand, Its too cold out here in Jaipur and in this weather nothing is better than bed. We are getting late, so we decided to get tickets from another counter located at main gate. We are heading towards that, unfortunately T.T sahab(Ticket checker) encountered and thereafter incidents occurs in the way that it becomes memorable. conversation between us proceed as:

he:”come come inside, where is your Ticket. I will show you today. You have to pay fine”
me:”Listen me sir, let me say something”.
he:”speak, @#$$%%^&**”
me:”sir,please listen me”
he:””I will put this into your ass, that will be the torture” (pointing toward broom stick).

Another senior T.T sahab allow me to speak. When I told them, “I have no tickets because no one was there at counters”, he replied “what i can do”. I show them photographs of counters and then suddenly they start screaming “You are terrorist, you are here to fix the bomb”. I am totally stunned, what charge they imposing on me.

After 15 min discussion, T.T sahab ask me for Phone and he delete the photo. He is trying to hide the fault of co-staffs, he said “never take photographs of us “. I walk out of the room with smile.

“When we are right, we never surrender”, bye then we are able to manage tickets and that boost up our confidence, we all move to that T.T to show him tickets. We went there to show them that we are not intentional. But sahab is in another mood, he again start screaming and to make us more  trifle, he makes a fake call stating “come up with Handcuffs, some terrorist are here “. Main motto behind this all is money, but we are rigid on our decision that we will give no bribe. Situation became extreme, but some how we agreed and that is our need because train is getting late.

Where is higher officials or they are also involve in it?
We have no rights to question them and if not, why?
These are some questions which we can ask to government and the whole system. Indeed, We pay for the services to government, we are not availing it for free.