At the age of sixteen (16), he started to work as a service crew at Jollibee Foods Corporation, Sapang Palay. This is to support himself in college. Still, he excelled in class. Sometimes, he got the highest score among his classmates during major exams. On required projects, he gave his very best to meet the deadlines because he always assigned as a group leader in all group works. As a matter of fact, he became the president of the class. Despite that he was a working student; he still joined activities like seminars, camp, and trainings which held in different place in the country. He maintained it until the end of the year and amazingly he was one of the school’s Dean’s Lister Academic year 2010 – 2011.

Since this young man was not permanent with his job, his contract ends. Soon after months the school offered him to work there as a student assistant. Without much thinking, he accepted the offer. While having a job, like other students, he also joined organizations in and outside the school. He became an elected official of the school’s student government. He also served as news editor of the school’s publication up to present. Outside the school, he became the Adviser of the “Boy Scouts of the Philippines” Outfit 193 Senior Scouts.

His being active was not only inside the school. One significant achievement that he pursued was when he joined the 9th Parliament of Youth Leaders. This was where all the student and youth leaders around the country were convened to craft policies for the betterment of the Filipino youth. This was thru the effort of National Youth Commission.

Community service was also one of his activities. As a matter of fact, he is nominated as “Gintong Kabataan Awardee” of Bulacan Province last 2011 for Community Service Category. This is because he initiated services for the community focusing on youth education.

Another achievement was made happened last 2012. The school had chosen him to be trained of becoming a TESDA trainer. Joining with professionals from different institution he passed the National Assessment of being a TVET trainer. He did that at his very early age eighteen (18).

July 2013, he was awarded by Microsoft Philippines as Microsoft Champ their search for Outstanding Students in the Philippines.

Now he is a fourth year student of Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel, taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics. And will take his graduation march on April 2014.

The young man behind this story is no other than the author itself Michael Belbes Zamora.

“I am currently working in a Publishing House as encoder, Lay-out artist and a staffer of our School’s official publication “The Intervenor” serving as Associate Editor in Chief.” – Zamora