Had God granted man another one unit of everything, “Peace and Happiness” would have enveloped the Earth. But to forgive is divine, so we forgive the Great One. However, it is still valid that we can blame him time and again, for the thousand exclusive and wonderfully humane things we would have done, courtesy to those one extra units.

I don’t mean to confuse you at this time; you should be having a great day, or whatever is left of it, and I am no spoilsport. So in these precious five minutes that you give me, let me explain the great “….Only if….One More” theory of humanity.

Here I am, riding my 87.8 Cc Scooty Pep Plus, racing against time at 40 km/h piercing through the monstrous 7.00 pm traffic, getting late for my evening accounts class. And here I spot a 10-12 year old boy, a kid, with a huge carton beside him waving his hand to stop who-ever he could stop, because he has walked a distance of 2 km with that weight and can walk no more. Simply put, he is asking for a lift. I see him. I slow down. He sees me. He looks up. And then, “I can’t, I’m late” hits me back at my neck and I drive past him like sand past the finger spaces.

But if I had one extra minute, I would’ve stopped. He would’ve smiled. I would’ve asked where he wanted to go. He would point in the direction, coincidentally where my coaching lies. I would nod; he would hop on, carefully with his box. I would ask his name. I would ask what he did. In 5 minutes, I’d drop him down. He would thank me, and I would pretend as if I am the most humble and generous creation of god and then we’d go different ways……Only if I had that one extra minute, which I didn’t.


Here you are, with your family in a hotel. You order “Shahi paneer, Malai kofta…Dal tadka, Butter roti and Jeera rice…” and your wife joins in saying “…jaldi laga dena”.  As the waiter leaves you get back in your busy discussion with the love of your life, while the “product” of that love sitting beside you, is busy tapping his cell phone. You lecture him and he stares at you in disbelief. You wish you had never gifted him that new Samsung Galaxy Y Rs.6,899. You threaten him to take it back. In this father-son war-of-the-generation your wife is busy patting her hair. She looks beautiful but I am no one to comment on that. You remember the “embroidered” Rs.8,000 bill of her spa and parlor. By this time the waiter brings your order, you eat it down to the T and ask for the bill. This is the part where the waiter smiles and you know why. He brings the bill, you tickle you wallet, and pay it….down to the T. After that, you touch a Rs.50 note. The waiter looks. He smiles. You look deep down. You wonder. You touch an Rs.10 note. The smile shrinks and eyes widen. You put that Rs.10 note in the bill book. His face droops. You don’t look. He leaves. You Leave. That’s a small T for a Tip.

But, if you had that one extra Rs.50 note in your wallet, you would’ve paid the tip. He would’ve smiled. You would’ve smiled back. He would pick the bill and thank you. He’d think you were the best customer he had had in days. You’d pretend to be the richest creation of god and then you’d go different ways….Only if you had that one extra Rs.50 note, which you didn’t.


Here we are, together. In a supermarket; a baby is crying in the middle of the bazaar.

Here we are, together. In an electricity bill line; a dadaji is standing behind us coughing.

Here we are, together. In a roadside restaurant; a puppy sits beside us as we nibble our samosas.

Here we are, together. In a bus; a boy is shouting and abusing the conductor.

If we had that one more ounce of love, we would’ve picked the baby, hurled him up in the air, and made him smile; searched out his mom or dad, who happened to be nearby, handed him over, accepted their nervous “thank-you” and be gone our way.

If we had that one more bit of respect, we would’ve asked that old man to walk past our place in the line. We would’ve asked him for water, which he would deny. He would thank us and smile at us as he leaves after paying the bill. We would smile back and continue to wait in the long line pay the bill and be gone our way.

If we had that one more crumb of care, we would’ve looked at that puppy-faced puppy, looking back at us with liquid eyes and pointed ears. We would’ve given him a bite from our samsosa, which he would eat like a barbarian, stare at him for a while and be gone…our way.

If we had that one more tad of courage, we would’ve confronted that boy, imperatively and politely. He would’ve abused us, but he would stop. The conductor would’ve looked at us. We would’ve smiled. He would thank us as we get off at our stop. We’d smile again and….be gone…..our way.

Here we are yet again, together. In this world; with people asking for lifts, waiters looking for tips, babies crying the middle of supermarkets, old men coughing in the middle of bill lines, puppy-faced puppies gawking at us as we eat and boys abusing bus conductors.

If we had that one more morsel of humanity; “Only if…One more”.

And thus, in my five minutes I stand proven. And god smiles from above. He knows I am wrong. You know I am wrong.

But I wish you had one more slice of will power to correct me. I wish god would have one more time reminded me that I already had it…the one more of everything.