We’ve bunch of ideas into our mind that can ‘CHANGE the World’ but why this ideas get vanished? What I believe is, every idea is innovative and I’m disclosing the greatest secret in this article.

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs incorporated in 1977 to sell personal computers. During first five years of operation, revenues doubled every four months, an average growth rate of 700%. In 1985, Steve left Apple after a power struggle with board directors and founded Next Computers Inc. In 1996, after Apple had failed to deliver its Operating System, Steve was appointed as an advisor, and took control of the Company as an interim CEO. Steve brought Apple from near bankruptcy to profitability in 1998.

In 2011, Apple become the most valuable company of the world. How all these happens? Answer is, it was Steve who had the idea, the vision which become innovative when he worked smartly. When Steve left Apple, idea and vision of the company vanished but when he returned back to the Company then you know what happened.

If the idea is yours then nobody can steal it from you because it’s only you who knows how to do it. But having an idea isn’t enough, you need to learn to work on your simple idea to make it innovative.

Idea and Innovative Idea

All IDEAS are SIMPLE but it depends on person-to-person whether he/she is working on their simple idea with proper knowledge or not. Even Apple was not innovative, neither when Newton come up with Gravitational Force nor when Steve Jobs come up with personal computers. It was knowledge they had before bringing something new and CHANGE the World.