watch your THOUGHTS, to make it words.

watch your words, to make it action.

watch your action, to make it habit.

watch your habit, to make it character.

watch your character, to make it IDEOLOGY.


I am Aman Shrivas, student of Civil Engineering. I took an issue to study about is not came up in mind by just thinking, it came up with an experience i had with my batch-mates.

To explain each an every part about an individual mind, is neither a tough task nor an easy.
Each and every person on earth have different state of mind and thinking, actually if u deeply think about the state of mind which refers to “vichaardhaara” have a huge difference with respect to our thoughts which refers to “vichaar”.

Me and my friends, we always had some talks and debate on various issues, some related to politics, some related to life, some related to autism, and lots of. One thing I observe all time is that we all want to prove our points, want to change one another’s point of view.  We are four friends, one of these friend is a supporter of Modi ji. In our discussion on this topic, he plays a vital role and we decided to refer him as “MODI’S BROTHER”.

So, it was a time of Sept. 2013, as usual we are talking about, is upcoming elections and that day I was unable to convince him on any point. As our “MODI’S BROTHER” was supporting MODI for the next election, and I was trying to explain him that, I like MODI as an individual leader but not going to support him. The reason behind my decision is THE IDEOLOGY on which BJP works.
From this talk , the thoughts came up in my mind was that he had already make an ideology about every part of life, whatever the divison of life was that.

And this ideology is known as MINDSET OR “VICHAARDHAARA”.

I have wondered—why is this? Why is it that some neurotypical individuals are so adamantly unwilling to acknowledge autism? And at the same time, why is it that other neurotypical individuals are willing to acknowledge autism? What is going on in their mind. I thought those people were just bad people. But as I begun to grew some thoughts, I realized that those people did not think of themselves as bad people. The perception of other peoples are different as compared to mine. Why I am unable to convince my “MODI’S BROTHER”? Is a big question mark in my mind. I realized that I had come across to him as an adamant person about a belief, which was the same way I felt about them. I was incapable of changing their mind- and they were not going to change mine.

Why was everyone so adamant about their opinions, however? I thought about this for a while, and then I remembered something.

I’ve come to realize that there are logical reasons why some neurotypical minds, in some cases, are apparently incapable of understanding autistic people or accepting the concept of autism. I am not a psychologist. But here’s what I’ve found out.

According to James Williams, a writer, a thinker. People are, for the most part, a product of two things. One, their life experiences—what they have experienced and what they have heard other people experience. Even if a person has only heard someone else’s experiences, they have experienced hearing that person, and thus that knowledge is still a part of their mind. Also, if a person knows something exists but has never seen it—for example, seeing the city of Tokyo on a map but never actually going to Tokyo, they have still experienced acquiring the knowledge that the city of Tokyo exists.

Two, how they have perceived those experiences—whether they have felt something was bad, good, or neutral. Our experiences and how we perceive them take part in creating our aspirations, our hopes, our dreams, our likes and dislikes, and ultimately, what we want from our lives. But what’s most important of all is the creation of our mindset. Our mindset consists of our beliefs, morals, values, and agenda, which can also be connected with our hopes, dreams, etc. Mindsets can range from small issues to bigger issues.

But people’s mindsets do not necessarily equate to their actions. People, especially if they are forced to, often times do things antithetical to their morals, or wants, or goals. However, just because they are doing those things doesn’t mean that they are doing it because they want to.

During the process of the formulation of one’s mindset, a mind-blowing event occurs in each human mind, regardless of whether they are normal or autistic, and whether it is accepted or refuted by the individual who goes through it. We learn something that forever changes our lives. We learn that the perceptions of other people are not ours. Their thoughts are not ours. They do not share our individual passions. They hate what we enjoy. And it’s not because they’re bad people. They just are different from us. And eventually we grow to either accept those differences. We might understand what they might be feeling in a situation based on what they have told us. In other words, we develop a “theory of mind.”

Mindset or “VICHAARDHAARA” is a curse for anyone,s thoughts. I mean to say that “VICHAARDHAARA” plays a role of a DOOR. A DOOR which blocks all the path from where the thoughts originate. If some person like my “MODI,S BROTHER” make some ideology or “VICHAARDHARA” then he is unable to think or to understand whatever the other person or I am trying to explain him, as his mind was already blocked by the DOOR of “VICHAARDHAARA”.