I have attached my drawing titled “We are the world”. i have shown how we as mankind need to use resources for the betterment of our future.


I am George Zacharia. I am a high school student from the UAE. I just love the environment and my primary interest is to be a part of something that helps the environment. I love music, arts, writing, etc too. I have hold various leadership roles including of my school environment club.
It was when I was dreaming that I stumbled upon the idea of creating an organization where other organizations can also be a part of. Something like a movement or a group. This is why I created “Students Of The Earth”. I don’t call Students of the earth another organization but a new venture to group up students and organizations who are really interested in bringing up a change.
I am Youth ambassador for the Dubai Expo 2020 Bid and also a winner of the prestigious Sharjah Award For Educational Excellence.