Through the World Heritage Volunteer 2013 program, a workcamp was organized at the Ranomafana National Park in order to preserve and enhance the natural World Heritage Site in the “Rainforest of the Atsinanana” Madagascar, inscribed in the World Heritage site UNESCO World in 2007. This initiative was initiated by Hasina RAKOTONDRAINA , National coordinator -Green Youth Generation
Thanks to collaboration with entities such as Active Young for Sustainable Development Madagascar, CNM / UNESCO, Madagascar National Park, Mayor of Ranomafana …Series of activities have realised during this program include among others: village educations on Resources management, green education and entertainment for children,. It was also an opportunity to celebrate World Environment Day 2013 at Ranomafana as host of Environment day within Fatovavy-Fitovinany Region;So, many events marked the day with local authorities like tree-planting, sanitation campaign, exhibition, carnival, entertainment and debate.
This initiative has been able to mobilize young people through volunteering actions and green actions.So to support local communities to preserve natural resources in Madagascar and Local people are convinced and committed to protect this heritage for future generations.