Montenegro is country whose area is 13812 km2 and population is 6,25,266 (Census 2011) and 3,287,590 km2 is the area of India around 250 times bigger with population 1,210,193,444 (census 2011) which is around ~2000 times more than total population of Montenegro. But the question is, what we wanted to tell you from above insights?

We’re talking about a Montenegro based Youth Club whose name is Omladinski klub Niksic. This club of around 20 young dynamic people has realized their potential which can bring change to the lives of many. Let’s hear their voice and help them to respond their issue with our suggestions in comments. Get inspired from their initiatives!

Netalija Boskovic

Netalija Boskovic

“We have big motivation to make change in our town, to make other to ask themselfsabout their lives, what they need to change. That they can do someting for their community, spend great time with great people. To prove that we have so much to offer , to do…That in our city someone actually do something, not just talk that they will do. We are change, it will take some time. But we will do everthing tomake better place for youth, create them opportunities that we didn’t have.”Netalija Boskovic

On Avgust 8th 2014 International Youth Day was promoted in Niksic by the association of young ‘Omladinski klub Niksic ‘in cooperation with the NGO ‘Nasa buducnost’ and NGO ‘Alfa Centar’ .

We have successfully finished our first activity and promoted the Youth Day. That day 20 young people from the association had activities all day. We started with the meeting with Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Niksic Mr. Milorad Jovanovic , where we talked about our goals and activities and got feedback from Municipality of Niksic that they would help us in the initial phase of our work.

We continued our ctivities on Square of Liberty where we promoted traffic safety through the program ‘Responsible and Safe’ and our citizens had the opportunity to try our ‘drunk glasses’ , then we collected the help (school supplies, toys, clothes, candy ) for children with disabilities from Day Care Center


We encountered great interest of citizens to try out ‘drunk glasses’ and to try to walk in a straight line in which they didn’t succed. In the street ‘Njegoseva’ there was on exhibition of painting ‘Struga’ by Mr Zoran Micanovic

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The opening of the evening program we started in a caffe “Zun” with important information for the club, town and our state. We got compliments from UN4YOUTH international network that has made a map of all organizations that celebrate the International Youth Day , our organization , our town and country are on the international map of the world organizations. We got a green light as well as praises for taking action . The Mr Petar Sundic praised our action he spoke why he had loved Niksic and that he wouldn’t leave it no matter how difficult the sitution was. He promoted Bedem fest and invited the young to join in preparations. He also stressed the importance of setting goals, every year he has an aim to bring a particular singer and he succeeds in it. At nine 0’clock the young were entertained with karaoke and the best of them received awards.

This program is realized by NGO ‘Nasa Buducnost’ in cooperation with NGO ‘Alfa Centar’ . It is supported by the Fund for active citizenship through the program ‘De facto equal’ which is finansed by EU Delegation in Montenegro through the programs for democracy n Human Rights (EIDHR)

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Thanked to partner organizations youth workers and the youth who wanted to change something in our town we got a results – the first youth club in Niksic and Montenegro and the youth clubon the world famous network. Thanks to all citizens who supported us. We hope that more young people will join us to create a better place for the young people , and that they in creative and interactive way will participate in the construction of personal and social resources and they will support these interests through civil engagement and development programs intended for the young.
We hope that all young people will be interested for our club, and we hope that they will join us.